20: Jessica & Jamie Rhodes

October 8, 2017
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Jessica and Jamie Rhodes have been married for four and a half years and have been together for 9 years. Together they have two kids, Nathan who is 3 and Lucy, 9 months. Living in Rhode Island, Jessica is the founder and CEO of Interview Connections.com where she and her team book guests for podcasts, and Jamie is the Program Director for a non profit called Upstream. 

Learn more about them at JessicaRhodes.biz & UpstreamPolicy.org!

19: Heather Ann Havenwood & Dr. Don Salyer

October 1, 2017

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Heather Havenwood and Dr Don Salyer - both serial entrepreneurs, health advocates, body builders and Texans. Heather has been an online entrepreneur since 2001. Now she is building and running 3 online companies. One with her man of 2 years Dr. Don Salyer. Who has been running a chiropractic and health business in Austin for over 25 years.

Together with her marketing and promotion skills and his healing and body building skills they are taking Austin by storm. In July of 2015 - less than 12 months they have started a new weight loss business SkinnyBeam.com which currently has a 2.5 month waiting list to get in!



18: Tom & Ariana Sylvester

September 24, 2017
A serial entrepreneur and his reality checker, Tom & Ariana have started and grown multiple businesses in their years together, including real estate investing, a retail wine & liquor store and now business coaching. All this while maintaining a relationship and starting a family. It's not always easy, but who better to run your businesses with than your best friend!

Find out more about them at serialstartups.co, sscommunity.co, serialstartups.co/join!
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17: Debi & Adam Silber

September 16, 2017
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Debi Silber MS, RD, WHC, FDN, CEO of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc. and founder of www.DebiSilber.com is a recognized health, weight loss, fitness, wellness, lifestyle and personal development expert. She’s also a working mom with 4 kids, 6 dogs and is married to her husband Adam for nearly 25 years.

16: David & Tina Dietz

September 8, 2017

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David and Tina live a mobile lifestyle. With their son and daughter, they call Florida, New York and Costa Rica home. They met when they both started working at Barnes & Noble in Amherst, NY (a suburb of Buffalo), and were friends for a couple of years before getting together as a couple (a good story in and of itself). They've been married for going on 18 years...and it's never been boring


12: David Orman & Lisa Leitl

September 6, 2017
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David is an Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert and Educator. He has created the best selling anti aging formula, Doc Wellness Supplement, written 2 books and lectured to Congress. He is also a martial arts expert and marathoner.

Lisa is a Musician, Mentor and Songwriter. She is the president of DMI, one of the premiere nutrition and wellness companies on the Internet. She also is a runner and trains in Kyudo.

15: Katie & Chris Krimitsos

September 1, 2017
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Katie Krimitsos is the Founder of Biz Women Rock, a community and education provider for business women around the globe who want to grow their companies. Her podcast Biz Women Rock provides personal business interviews, pertinent topics and actionable information that help her community thrive in their businesses. And her online courses help women in all aspects of building a successful company.

Learn more about them at BizWomenRock.com and Podfest.us!

Bonus: Check their romantic "scavenger hunt" on youtube at https://goo.gl/K7FP3O

14: Maura & Jim Sweeney

August 28, 2017
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In September of 1977, these two non-drinkers met at their university sponsored Booze Cruise as it floated around the Boston Harbor. An otherwise bookwormish Maura brought her guitar aboard and was harmonizing tunes from James Taylor and Carole King when a common friend introduced her to the polite co-captain of the university basketball team. 

13: Mike & Suzie Marschhausen

August 24, 2017
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Mike & Suzie Marschhausen are health coaches who teach ambitious men and women how to feel empowered with their health and fitness, and escape the feelings of guilt, shame, and frustration enforced by the diet and fitness culture. They met in college, and soon after started a business together, got married, and began a life of perpetual travel. They are currently living in Split, Croatia and live the life of their dreams together.

11: Aleisha & Rich McCormack

August 17, 2017
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Aleisha is an outspoken comedian and author...she hosts the popular, Save the Date Wedding Podcast. Three years ago she married Architect Rich. Soon they'll be co-hosting a new podcast about the highs and lows of relationships.