2: Barry & Catherine Cohen of Together247.com

June 12, 2016
Having fun while running a business has been the motto of Barry and Catherine since they opened their first business together in 2003. After hearing for the millionth time how “you two really need your own show, you’re so funny,” Catherine and Barry learned about podcasting and it all came together perfectly.
Together 24/7 is a fun and informative show interviewing other crazy couples that are in business together. What makes us all crazy, you ask? Being sweethearts with your business partner and business partners with your sweetheart. The concept of being together with someone all the time, business and pleasure, scares the heck out of most couples.
    But to those couples that looked at each other and said “we are in love enough and insane enough to start our own business. And we are strong enough, smart enough and tenacious enough to make it succeed,” welcome to the community.
  Their intention is to provide laughs, information, ideas, and a place to ask questions and have them answered.
   Links: Together247.com

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